The Weekend Roundup: Warner Bros. Studio Tour

The Weekend Roundup: Warner Bros. Studio Tour

As our mutual Valentine’s Day gift to each other this year, we got tickets to do the Warner Bros. Studio Tour! David heard about a deal on the radio for a special SoCal Resident price from the regular price of $62.99 reduced to $49.99! Note: Tickets must be purchased by May 26, 2017 and that promotional price is for residents within the zip codes of 90000-93599.

We’ve done the studio tour at Universal which is part of the theme park as a whole but that pales in comparison to this. Warner Bros studio is located smack in the middle of Burbank, Ca. Betcha didn’t know most tv shows/movies were filmed in Burbank and not Hollywood or any other major metropolitan city. No one has time to get permits and all that jazz, so, through the magic of television/movies, they film in Burbank!

Our trip started with a quick introduction video (narrated by Ellen DeGeneres of course) in a lush private screening room. From there we were whisked away to our group golf cart. We had a group of 14! Carts were comfy and spacious. They are open, so I recommend a light jacket or sweater cause it got a little chilly.

So then, we were off! We made our way, at a comfortable 8 mph, along the studio. We traversed across the front lot, back lot, soundstage, prop wharehouse, batmobile collection, DC Universe- DC Comics Exhibit, and much much more!


I of course had to sit under the sorting hat. House Griffyndor thank you very much!

We had an awesome tour guide, Reece, (what’s up Reece) who was a HUGE Batman fan, and said, “I’m not saying I’m Batman, im just saying you’ve never seen us in the same room at the same time” which is more famously used to reference Superman, but tomatoe tomato right?!

I was most impressed by the Batman vehicle warehouse where we saw the bat mobile from Batman Returns, starring Michael Keaton (best Batman ever IMHO). Oh course our guide did an excellent job of showing us where those beloved scenes from our favorite shows and movies took place.


Once we got to the actual studio, we were under a strict “no photos” policy. You guys, I got to sit in the audience and view the Big Bang Theory! Holy smokes! Of course they weren’t actually filming (they film during the week) but it was cool to see Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment! Did you know you can be a member of a live studio audience, FOR FREE?!! You can review times and dates for your favorite show here. We are going to a taping of Mom this month!

And, the piece de resistance, was the Friends sound stage.  They have kept Central Perk in prestine condition for photo ops such as this…


Fun facts:

Warner Bros. Studios is an open studio. This means other films have been shot at the studios. You and me could film there if we had enough dollah dollah bills yall.

The Warner Brothers were four actual brothers Albert, Sam, Harry, and Jack that produced their first movie in 1937, the first “talkie,” Jazz Singer.

Warner Bros Studios is one of two places in the world Authorized to duplicate government documents.

Here are a few of my favorites filmed on the Warner Bros. lot:

Any guesses on what film this is from?!


The Color Purple
Ocean’s 11
The Harry Potter Film Franchise
The Witches of Eastwick


Family Matters
Big Bang Theory

This tour was so cool, and so much fun! I would honestly do it again! If you visit the LA area or if you’re a resident, I highly recommend this tour! Money well spent. Many films that have come from the studio have academy awards nominations as well as wins. It was epic experiencing all that history and to stand where people have stood and said famous lines that we know and love.

I will say, this tour does take away some of the illusion and allure of the film/television industry. But if you are not afraid to look behind the curtain, then you will enjoy this trip immensely.


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