My Top 5 Non-Basic New Years Resolutions

So, we are four weeks in to the new year. How are those “resolutions” going for you? Resolutions, by nature are thirst traps.

Resolutions are defined as “a firm decision to do or not do something” and are penned at the begging of the year to give you the mindset that this year will be better because you will do x.

While it’s not a completely terrible idea, there are some flaws with “traditional” resolutions (ie. Go to the gym, save money, etc. etc.). The problem I find with these type of resolutions is that they tend to be short-sighted and incomplete. They typically don’t account for the volatility that is life. So what happens? You miss a few days and then you sort of just fall off.

The most challenging part of resolutions is accountability. But here are 5 non #basic New Years Resolutions that are framed more as mindful goals that you can accomplish everyday.

1. Clean out your email box

Do you get more than 35 emails in one day? First of all, wyd? Second, unsubscribe from stuff you don’t read (not from BYNM obvs). If it’s not adding value, if you constantly just delete, delete, delete without reading then scroll down and unsubscribe. We don’t have time for junk in 2018.

You’ll be amazed out how freeing it is to take back your email. To only have relevant, real, and necessary things in there. As an added bonus, cleaning your inbox will free up some time you didn’t even know you were losing.

2. Meet new people

Contrary to what drake said when he penned “no new friends,” new friends are great! Take a chance, strike up a convo with a stranger (don’t be weird about it 😳). Give a compliment, a genuine compliment, to a stranger and see where it goes!

I chat people up EVERYWHERE! Listen, our social interaction skill are seriously lacking with the invention of social media. Just text me instead of calling me (uh, TBH, please don’t call me), Snapchat me, or literally anything else other than an actual face-to-face.

But why? Is it so terrible to talk in person? Yes, but, sometimes it’s better to talk in person. You get those verbal ques that you miss from electronic communication.

Humans are social by nature. We crave and need interaction with other humans. Give your mind what it deserves. There are some pretty chill people out there.

3. Get off the phone

Challenge yourself to a meal free of your phone. Watch an entire episode of a show without your phone. Stay off your phone for one hour before bed. Sounds hard right? Good, means it’s something you need to do.

If you’ve ever looked up from watching what you thought was “just one more episode” and it turned out to be a whole season later, then you could be a victim of, the internet. Netflix less and chill more! Read a book or a magazine. Be present more.

Hey, who’s that guy from the one show that one time? Let me google it! No, enjoy not knowing everything. Be comfortable with a little mystery. Our expectations are heightened and we are constantly searching for instant gratification because of social media.


4. Detox

People, food, all of it. Self care is more than pedicures and skincare. It’s about focusing on your mental health as much as your physical health. Anyone or anything that brings you do down is not something you need in your life. Get. Rid. Of. It.

If Instagram is bumming you out, if the news is bumming you out, cut it off. There is so much negativity and toxicity everywhere, no need to have it blaring at you on your personal phone.

Also, drink a green smoothie once in awhile 😉.

5. Try something new


What is barre?! No one really knows, but if you go to a class, like you’ve been wanting to for months, maybe you can tell me what the hell it is. Talk to a stranger. Try a new drink at your fave cafe. Go to another coffee shop that’s NOT Starbucks.😏

Take back your time, laugh more, and live your best life cause you only get one.

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In the comments, share some of your non-basic resolutions (think outside the box a bit)!!

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