Summer Fun + Why You Need to Stop Saying You Aren’t Summer Body Ready




Welcome to the first day of summer. Are you summer body ready? I’m not, and I’m ok with it. Here’s why you should be too…

I’ve been really busy lately working on some really fun stuff and most recently, I got to get together with some of my fave blogger babes to do a kick ass summer photo shoot + giveaway!

But can I tell you guys something, I was DREADING getting in to a bathing suit. Like actual dread + a little bit of anxiety. Because I kept telling myself I wasn’t summer body ready. I had to sit myself down and have a little chat, here’s what I told myself.


You’re not summer body ready yet, because bread ??

I say that to myself every winter. Got to get summer ready, I’ve got x amount of months to get to where I need to be. Well where is it exactly that I need to be? I will NEVER be a size 0 (I’m OK with that) but is that a bad thing? Also, I have yet to meet a bread that I can say no to…

I hear you saying, “I just want to look good in a bathing suit”. Well so do I. At the end of the day, when all the makeup is wiped away, when all the fancy clothes are in the wash, and your hair is all over your head, you’re the only person who’s opinion matters, so do it for you! Also, bread is bae.




Look good and feel good for yourself. This isn’t a post telling you that you can’t do what you want with your body, do as you wish, I’m simply saying do it for the right reasons. I want to get in shape for my health and to feel comfortable and free in a bathing suit. I’m never going to have smaller hips or a smaller butt, it just ain’t in the cards for me.

Now granted I am already at a weight that I’m not thrilled about, but it’s not a health concern, you know what I mean? Like my skinny jeans aren’t so skinny, but I can still fit most of my clothes.

So what can you do?

BYNM Summer Fun

Make an active, lifestyle change.

Not a diet. Diets DO NOT WORK. I promise you this. They don’t work because they are temporary and short sighted. Well, I guess I should modify that statement, they don’t work forever. Fad diets (Atkins, Whole 30, anything pertaining to Kale) don’t work if you don’t commit long term.

Whole 30 is quialty and I support it 100% but don’t just do it for 30, get the results you want, and then go back to all the ca-ca! It’s about maintaining and putting in good stuff so you see good results. This sounds a bit preachy, I know but, it’s the truth.

Do your research

This is a common element for most of the posts here on BYNM. What is good for the goose, is not always good for the gander. Don’t you just hate that saying? Like why can’t it be?! Because health/wellness is not a one size fits all.

Talk to your doctor, listen to your body, do a deep google search (and by deep I mean read more than one article from more than one source please) and try.


Easier said than done right? 30 minutes is all it takes. Now, you’re not going to see quick results with just 30 minutes, but it’s a start damnit!

Walk around your building at work on lunch (it takes an average of 20 minutes to eat), take the stairs, go for a long walk in the early evening with your partner/spouse. Getting to the gym is difficult, i get it. I’ve been aiming for 3x per week and can only seem to make it twice. It’s ok, my progress just isn’t as fast as I’d like and that’s ok too. ☺️

I think Drake said it best in his 2010 smash, Fancy, “You say you dropping 10 lbs preparing for summer. And you don’t do it for the men, men never notice. You just do it for yourself, you the f****** coldest”




So what I’m saying is, lose weight if you want to, emphasis on you. Be comfortable, be bold, and be beautiful no matter what size suit you’re in! Also, have fun, when you’re healthier you’re happier. That’s science folks!

And then head over to my Instagram and find this picture and enter for your chance to win this bad ass Rose gold float pictured below so your summer pool parties can be lit too!




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