Getting out of my Style Comfort Zone featuring Rocksbox




Getting out of my Style Comfort Zone featuring Rocksbox

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We’ve officially hit summer full speed. Don’t know about the temps where y’all are at, but weve been at a comfortable 85 degrees so far here in SoCal.

I just love summer! The sun, shorts and sand! The vibrant colors, longer days, and just a more relaxed pace. Guess who got invited to try out Rocksbox?! Me! And I’m so excited to share  how I got out of my style comfort zone this fun and inventive service!

What is Rocksbox?


Rocksbox  is a jewelry membership service where get to rent fun and unique jewelry for $21 a month.

Here’s how it works

1. Sign up for rocksbox here.
2. Create a profile and a wishlist with at least 30 items (it’s really easy to go over thirty with their visual catalog) this way, you know you’re getting stuff you like!
3. A rocksbox stylist selects three items for your box and ships it to (shipping is free!)
4. When you are ready for a new box, send your three pieces back in the rocksbox provided pre-paid label for returns (amazing) and the original packaging.
5. If you are in love with your items (how could you not be?!) you may want to purchase them. And you can! Your $21 credit is applied to the items you want to purchase.

There is no sign-up or cancellation fee and you can cancel whenever you want.

Why I’m a fan


I am a creature of habit. That means, I  tend not to go outside my comfort style zone too often, especially if I’m not positive I’m going to like something. In comes, Rocksbox. You can try out different trends and different designers without the commitment! Wanna refresh your look? Rocksbox. Wanna get something for an upcoming event? Rocksbox. It’s Tuesday! Rocksbox!!! ☺️

You basically get to take new trends out for a test drive, send it back, and get MORE stuff to try!

Here’s what I got


My style tends to be very minimalist and clean. So when I first started working on my wish list, that’s I had in there…

I got a pair of ear jackets and two necklaces. All three items were on the wishlist I created for my stylist.


Your first rocksbox is FREE! get your first box free with code ‘betweenyounmeblogxoxo’ when you check out online. if you don’t like the service after one month, just cancel! why not try it out? no obligations and cancel anytime. if you end up trying it out, tag me when your first box arrives so I can see what you got!


I have a couple other subscription services that you can read about.


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