How to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Working out is hard. Results are slow and sometimes, you just don’t wanna. But, there are ways to stay motivated to exercise, but be warned, it’s going to take some work.
 How to stay motivated to Exercise
After the day is done, you’ve woken up after barely getting any sleep, had too many cups of coffee, snacked all day (on everything), and then done the commute home, you’ve got to pull some energy from who knows where  to at least *try* to go to the gym. Ha. Yeah RIGHT.
So, how do you get over the hump? How do you get motivated to exercise + find the energy to make it happen?
Shoot for the moon so if you fail, you’ll land among the stars. Getting to the gym/exercising three times a week is optimal. But, not always realistic, for everyone. That’s ok.
How to stay motivated to Exercise

Start with what you can

While it’s great to aim high, when you miss the mark, it hurts. Trying to figure how you’re going to make to the gym each night + cook dinner + plus spend time with your family + get sleep is too much to think about all at once!
Start with one day, one class, 30 minutes. Whatever makes the most sense. Something is definitely better than nothing. Sometimes, you have to do what you can, when you can. It helps take the pressure off. You’ll want to work towards more activity, but start slow. I personally only go to the gym once a week and mix up my exercise options on the other two days. This way, im not tied to the gym and I get variety. Which matters. Trust me.

Try something new

Going to the gym can be intimidating. All the machines, weights, and dudes grunting, is a sensory overload. Plus, where do you even start? Unless you’ve done some pin-ternet research or have experience,it’s unfamiliar territory.
Find a Groupon for a local class. What the heck is Barre? No one really knows, but hit up a local class and find out! Traditional routines and gyms can boring and people get burned out without variety.
More often than not, it can turn into a meat market  hang out spot where people walk on the treadmill for an hour while instagramming themselves. Don’t be that person. Try a spin class. Try booty boot camp. Get a free personal trainer assessment.
How to stay motivated to Exercise

Get clothes that make you comfortable

It’s seems weird to suggest that you should buy clothes to exercise, but when you feel good it impacts everything.
Find something that makes you comfortable. You don’t have to be decked out in Lululemon or Nike. TJ Max and Ross both have excellent options for active wear ( you are very welcome ☺️).
Exercising isn’t pretty, but you’re less likely to exercise or make the effort if your uncomfortable for any reason. Don’t let your clothes be the reason.

Phone a friend

Proceed with caution. Find a friend who is focused and serious about getting in shape. You can sit and gab and Starbies for an hour after you work out. You wanna have some support while you exercise, but also push it a bit.
Exercising is fun and you will feel good after not usually before.  Take friend, have fun, and drink lots of water.
Closing Line for BYNM

How do you stay motivated to exercise? Share down below!

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