Starting the Year with a Blank Slate


Starting the Year with a blank slate

Well, today is officially the first day of a New Year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Excuse me for shouting, I’m sure some of you had adventitious nights ?For me, I partied it up by going to bed at 10:30. Party animal. That’s not what we’re here for though. We are here to talk about resolutions and why more often than not, we don’t stick to them, let alone remember them past February 1 and how to make use of the new blank slate.
Hopefully you’ve seen all of your social media feeds filled with “new year, new me.” I am pretty excited to see how lit memes will be for 2017?!
Why is that we wait until January 1st to make resolutions that we (hopefully) stick to? We have this obsession with waiting to be resolute. I will elaborate with an example.
“I want to start eating better, but it’s Friday, so I’ll just start on Monday.”or “I want to go back to the gym, but it’s Wednesday, I’ll just wait until Monday.” Sound familiar? raise your hand… my hand is raised, no shame. We are so conditioned for our work weeks that we make assumptions that we can’t make meaningful change any other day except Monday. Gotta get that full week in. Please. The only thing I do consistently is eat.
There is no “perfect” day to make a change. If it’s Tuesday and you want to start eating better, don’t put it off. Make change when you’re inspired, not when you’re tired! This is why I believe, resolutions often don’t work, as soon as you miss one day, what happens, resolution over.
 I don’t about y’all but my 2016, was less than great and I am glad it’s over… Instead of thinking about all that you didn’t accomplish in 2016 instead, this year focus on what you do want to accomplish.
And I want to emphasize reality here. Sure, id like to win the Lottery, but realistically, I need to save x amount of money each month. Instead of resolutions, I’ve given myself goals and established realistic timelines. For me, I struggle with going to the gym consistently. My 2016 resolution was “Go to the gym 4 days a week.” when I missed one day, in my mind the week was shot, and not only was I not exercising, I was feeling guilty. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life for 2017.
So for 2017 I have re-envisioned that goal which is, “I want to do something active every day and aim for the gym 3 days a week.” This way if I don’t make it to the gym, but I go for a jog or a bike ride, I don’t feel as though I’ve completely failed. Truthfully, 4 days a week for the gym was never really going to work with my schedule to begin with. I had almost set myself up to fail.
What is the key to a good resolution or goal?
Aim to set yourself up for success not failure, and you can do that by:
  1. Setting goals that are realistic (see lottery example above)
  2. If you fall off, don’t wait to get back on track ( and don’t beat yourself up)
This works out quite nicely since the 1st falls on a Sunday this year! So, are you gonna wait until tomorrow to change your life, or will you make meaningful change today?
Share your goals/resolutions in the comments below!!

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