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Welcome to Between YouNMe

Let me start by telling what the blog is about.

This is a lifestyle blog devoted to providing real life experiences, advice, and the sharing of recipes. This blog is here to not only share the pains and frustrations of being a woman, but also to celebrate and grow from shared experiences. We are here together to find a way to live, smile, and celebrate together.

In this world, where negativity is around every corner, I hope to be positive encounter so that we may feed each others’ souls as we try to navigate life, no matter how drastically different our respective lives may be. We are all in different phases of our life, some of you are mothers, some of you are newlyweds, and some of you are single, but we are all women.

Think of Between YouNMe as being a member of a secret club. You are being let in on some secrets of the life of this married, funny, 30-year-old woman as I find a way to laugh, smile, grow, and celebrate. In my life, food is at the core of all of my happiest memories, and more than the food, the preparation, the conversation, and the laughs that were shared. That is a core aspect of this blog.

It’s so much easier to just “grab something” most days, because we are utterly exhausted. I want us to make our way back to the kitchen (and not in a patriarchal sense, as if that where we belong). Maybe you’re already there, but have no clue what to cook. Maybe you want to expand your recipe catalog. Maybe you don’t cook at all. No matter your skill level or life situation, let’s crush it!

While I appreciate eating healthy and making good choices, I also have a long-standing relationship with butter.  You will find that I cook with all organic, non GMO foods, so that has to count for something right? I admire people who are vegetarians or vegans, but that is not the life for me. I can NEVER give up bacon OR butter. IMJS

And, now that we’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, you are now free to move about the cabin!

So grab a beverage (or 7, no judgement) and let’s get down to business. Forget about cleaning the house or going to the gym for a bit. Take a break, indulge, and have another glass, because remember it all stays between you and me…



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