Shows I’m Binge Watching RIGHT NOW!


Shows I’m Binge Watching Right Now!!

Hi, my name is Marshel and I’m a chronic binge watcher. ??Let me explain to you why I binge watch, because there IS a reason.

I don’t like to wait. For anything. Ever. Think of it as carryover of being an only child and not having to share with anyone. I feel your judgement and I reject it. I’m much better now.

There is nothing worse for me than having to wait an ENTIRE week to find out if John Snow lived or if Moriarty is still playing Sherlock from the grave. I can’t wait. I won’t. I will record an entire season of a show (Empire S3) so that I can binge it without any cliffhangers. Say what you will, but if you can resist the temptation and avoid spoilers (for current season shows) then you WILL thank me.


But hey, if you wanna be a paranoid wreck while you wait to find out what happened on (insert your fave, relevant show) than, be my guess. Live your life ?


Just as a heads up, I am very anti-“hype” shows. So you won’t see me talk about Scandal, or How to get away with Murder, or even Breaking Bad. Guys, I waited five years until the complete series of Lost was avaibale on Netflix before I watched it. I have patience in that regard because I take my binge watching seriously. I also don’t want to be influenced by the hysteria that surrounds any popular mainstream TV show.

I have all the usual suspects in my queue waiting for the day when I decided it’s time (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy) to wipe the dust away. I am a very patient person in that regard.

So, anyway, let me share with y’all the shows I’m binge watching RIGHT NOW!

Catastrophe S3 – Amazon Video


What happens when an ex-pat and an unruly Irish woman have a torrid one night stand and one of them gets knocked up? A castrophe happens! It’s lewd and outrageous, but wholly hilarious. As this unlikely couple figure out their newly accidental life together, you will laugh with them, cry with them, and get mad at them. Must watch. Start with season 1, obvs.

Sherlock Series 4 – Netflix


Two words, Benedict Cumberbatch. That’s really all you need to know. There’s intrigue, British humor, and of course mysteries. The game is afoot Watson!

The Last Kingdom S2 – Netflix


Uhtred son of Uhtred (pronounced Uu-tread) is  captured by a clan of Vikings as his family and village are slaughtered. He adapts and becomes the adopted sun of the Viking king only to befall more tragedy. It’s a twisty ride of barbarians, loss, and vengeance of the highest order. It’s a Vikings lite I think, which isn’t a bad thing!

Patriot S1 – Amazon Video


There is some quality folk singing, gratuitous violence, and the most ironic of coincidences as John tries to live his Double life as an inteelfienve officer/employee at an industrial piping firm. All the jobs that John takes should be easy peasy, but never are. He always manages to find himself in a world of trouble with the smallest window to get it right.

And because sharing is caring, here are some of my other faves:

Orange is the New Black S5 is now available on Netflix. I’m going to wait because Season 4 absolutely gutted me and I still need a minute ???

Santa Clarita Diet
The Borgias
Dave Chapelle Special
A Young Doctors Notebook

Amazon Prime
Sneaky Pete
Z The Beginning of Everything
The White Queen


What shows are you binge watching? Tell me in the comments below because I am ALWAYS down to Netflix & Chill ?



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