Eating Healthy for the Holidays is not as Hard as You Think


Eating Healthy for the holidays

As we speed to the end of the year, we find ourselves stumbling upon two of the largest feast holidays, Thanksgiving (already happened) and Christmas (is basically tomorrow😳). And usually, being “healthy” goes out the window. It can be very tricky to navigate these holidays while trying to maintain or reduce your waist line.

Have you heard the saying, “summer bodies are made in the winter”?

It’s 100% truth! I’ve been trying to focus more on making better choices when it comes to food, but the holidays are my weakness (sweet potato casserole, ham, cornbread stuffing, are you kidding me?!)

There’s limited edition food, that I can’t resist. But I signed up for a fitness challenge at the office, and I am determined to win!

Here are 5 things you can try to help keep you on track:

1. Pace yourself
2. Walk after meals
3. Rest when you can
4. Snack mindfully
5. Eat breakfast

Eating Healthy for the holiday

Eating Healthy for the holidays

Pace yourself

Did you know it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that you’re full? Eat slower. I get it, everyone wants grandmas macaroni, or aunties sweet potatoes, and you can load up your plate, but maybe don’t eat it all! This is the one time of year where it’s COMPLETELY OK to be that person. (You know, the one who packs three to go plates before even eating the first one?! Just me? 😂)

Walk after meals

I used to think that was so silly. Dude, I just ate my weight in Ham and you’re telling me to get up? And walk? Nah. Not gonna happen. Get up, get moving, get that blood circulating and help your body digest all that delicious food. Because that’s how you make room for seconds (or thirds😏)

Rest when you can

This time of year is my favorite (for obvious reasons) but it is also the most draining time of year. Whether we travel to family or family travels to us, it always seems so hectic. I have to remind myself to SLOW DOWN. To take my time and enjoy the moments as chaotic as they are.

Snack mindfully

Instead of starving yourself before the big meal, eat snacks. a. You’ll be WAY less hangry (which is great for everyone) and 2. SNACKS!!! lol, but really give your body some nourishment and kick that metabolism into gear! And when I say snack, I mean on good stuff. Fresh fruit, pretzels, veggies, hummus, etc. You know what’s up!

Eat breakfast

There’s something to be said in the value of breakfast. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather sleep for an extra 30, but I’d also like to have more energy and snack less. On the mornings where I wake up and eat breakfast (literally a scrambled egg with garlic and toast) I have an insane amount of energy and I just feel good.

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Tell me how you’re fighting the holiday bulge in the comments!!

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