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*Note: I do not recieve any compensation for reviewing these bags and they are both paid for with my own cash

Battle of the Bags – Ipsy v. Sephora Play

Hey! Welcome to the first post in the Beauty Category. I’ve decided to start a series called “The Battle of the Bags” where I break down and compare the items I get in my Ipsy bag versus the items I get in my Sephora Play! bag.

First things first, I get 4 subscription boxes each month. That may seem excessive, but what can I say, I like to try new products! I always do an unboxing on instastories but I thought, what if I did a comparison each month and shared with you what I’m loving v. what I’m leaving?!

Both bags are offered at $10/month (plus applicable taxes and fees) so I thought it would be fun to do a comparison in case you were on the fence on which to subscribe to or if you are new to the makeup world, thusly, Battle of the Bags seemed like an obvious choice!

Ipsy is a monthly subscription curated by several YouTubers and influences. There is a theme and a corresponding bag. It was created by Michelle Pham  and some past curators have been LustreLux, Desi Perkins, (etc) so you know you’re in good hands! This months theme has something to do with a ticket I think…

Ipsy Glam Bag


What I’m Loving – Ipsy Glam Bag

Lisa Frank x Ipsy Collection Blush Brush


Who remembers Lisa Frank? You know, those crazy bright ass folders, papers, binders, pencils, and pens that everybody who was anybody had? Think cosmic cats. Now I realize it’s like a crazy psychedelic trip, but back in the day, you were not cool if weren’t rocking hard with LF, know what I mean?!

Fast forward 17 years, and LF is back and better than ever, and you guys, I’m HERE FOR IT! ?????? I can’t even speak to the quality of the brush, honestly, it doesn’t even matter, I’m not going to use it. I’m just so happy to have it ???

The Balm – BettyLouManizer


This stuff is so good! You guys, I put it EVERYWHERE!!! Inner corner highlight, Cupid’s bow, as a bronzer, and basically all over my face. I have a deep to medium skin tone, so this is ETHREAL on me. I have no problem with looking hella bronzed, not highlighted, BRONZED. A. F.

Jessie’s Girl – Blackest Black eyeliner


I love a good liquid eyeliner. I tested this out the other day, and after 6 hours, it was still going strong. I have oily eyelids. That was weird to type, but it’s true! Stuff oxidizes on my eyes like crazy, but this liner stayed on like a champ. I’m in to it.

What I’m leaving – Ipsy Glam Bag

Touch in Sol- primer


I’ve come to the realization that primers don’t work for me. I have oily/combo skin s in theory, a primer should be great. But, I only wear full face so many times a year. So they don’t really serve a purpose.

Mint Pear – Vitamin C serum


I’m torn over this one, it’s not that I don’t “like it” per se, I just don’t think I’m going to use it. When it comes to my skin care regime/routine once I find something that works, I stick to it. BUT, the consistency of this is nice and skin did feel tighter.

Love It or Leave It Score

3/5 = Love it

Out of the 5 products in the bag I received, I plan on keeping 3 out of 5.

Sephora Play! Is curated by Sephora and comes in a nifty satchel with a new theme each month. This months theme left something to be desired

Sephora Play!


Sephora Play! – What I’m Loving

Mui Mui- L’eau Bleue


The bonus parfume this month is the Mui Mui L’eau Bleue and I’m HERE for it! I am terrible at describing scents. But here goes: it’s not sweet AT ALL, it’s earthy and warm. It makes me think about being outdoors! Let me just tell you what they say on

“Youthful, colorful, sophisticated, and unique, the Mui Mui L’eau Bleue fragrance offers a contemporary vision of the Lilly of the Valley twisted with akigalawood – it is a fragrance all about freshness and joy”

? Well damnit man. Wtf even is akigalawood?!  So… yeah… that’s what it smells like…

What I’m leaving – Sephora Play!

Basically the entire bag….

I’ve got to be honest you guys, I’m not crazy about this months bag. I’m very hesitant about skincare products only because my skin is so freakishly sensitive, and rightfully so, I have the pimps to prove it (I call pimples pimps because they take all your money and make you feel bad). So having this month be mostly skincare, hasn’t been great. It’s ok though, I am going to gift it all! But there just wasn’t anything that blew me away.

Sephora – Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover


I can only use micellar water around my eyes (doesn’t cause an oily film on my contacts) so this Sephora one is a pass. Anytime there is oil involved, no matter how good it claims to be (even the Clinique one is a s*** show) I ALWAYS get an oily residue in my eye *with or without contacts on, and it just ruins my day.

Makeup Forever- Aqua XL Eye Pencil


I wanted to like this, I did. It went on smoothly without tugging my lid. It’s as black as the night with no stars, and it’s a quality pencil. Tried it on my eyelids and it oxidized within an hour. One. Hour. It was a hot ass mess. So, then I tried it in my waterline. Also, hot ass mess. I think it may have been too creamy. If you have dry or normal skin, this may work, but since my skin is oily, it was a fail.

Smashbox – Photo Finish Primer


I’ve tried Smashbox so many times and so many different products from their line. I can’t ?. My skin just wants nothing to do with it. Even the eyeliner. My face is in protest, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the brand, it just does not vibe with me. Such is life sometimes.

Peter Thomas Roth – Water Drench Cloud Cream


This stuff smells amazing! This one definitely broke my face out though ?. It was very cooling and had a nice texture nevertheless. PTR is known for quality products so I’m sure this would be great for someone with non sensitive skin ?

Philosophy – Purity Face Wash


This gave me a good “squeaky clean” feeling after I washed my face. My skin felt clean and happy until I woke up the next morning with a really painful and very large pimple on the side of my face. You know those really big painful ones that take 3-4 days to come out all the way but hurt like a b****? Yeah, that way ?. People swear by this stuff, but once again, my sensitive skin has given it the finger and said “not up in here!” So…


Love it or Leave it Score

1/6 = Leave it

Out of the six products I received, I plan on keeping and using the Mui Mui. Everything else is a giftable item for me. I love making little sample bags with face masks in them (that’s how I use all the bags). I hope y’all enjoyed the first edition of Battle of the Bags!

Let me know if this is something y’all are interested in! I also subscribe to BoxyCharm and would be happy to do a review on that if you are interested! What did you get in your bags this month? Tell me, I wanna know!!



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