7 Mascara’s that will Change Your Eyelash Game


The 7 Mascara’s that will Change your Makeup Game

I LOVE makeup, especially mascara. I don’t wear much, but I have so much! I can’t get enough of it. I like to have it, you know, just in case.

What I do wear, everyday, without fail, is mascara. And surprisingly, not all are created equal. Through trial and error and thankfully many tubes from my monthly makeup bags, I have rounded up my top 7 mascaras. Why 7?! One for each day of the week of course!

Now, in all fairness, my lashes are fairly long and sort of curly on their own, so I don’t usually curl them everyday. All of the mascaras below are black as the night with exception of the Benefit lash primer, which is brown.

The 7 Boly Grail mascara's that will change your eyelash game

What I look for in a mascara is:

1. How messy it is
2. If it clumps with two coats
3. Does it run/oxidize throughout the day
4. How black it is – the blacker the better, obvs
5. How good it is with one coat

Below, I will go through each of my top 7 mascaras and tell you why I LOVE THEM!!

Too Faced – Better than Sex

This mascra is everything. Thick and full lashes abound. I’ve not tried the waterproof version yet, it’s more than likely going to be drier (as most waterproof mascaras are), so not sure how that will impact this formula. But y’all, This is my bread and butter and the very first non drugstore brand mascara that I ever tried. It’s got a short stubby, densely packed wand, with varying brush lengths. The results are full and lush lashes with minimal effort. Yes too all of that. You can grab a small one here or the full size one here.

Bobbi Brown – Smoky Eye

7 Holy Grail Mascaras

this mascara snuck up on me. I had heard people rave about it, about the brand as a whole, but I never really made an effort to try it. This came in the Sephora mascara essentials kits (which is no longer available ?). It’s difficult to explain this mascara. It’s not like the brush is anything spectacular, no, the magic is in the formula. When you swipe this wand on your eyelashes they transform into these beautiful fluttery butterflies. Sounds strange? It’s real though!

NARS – Audacious

7 Holy Grail Mascaras

This mascara was a surprise favorite for me. The wand is short with varying lengths. It’s almost like a hair brush, bristles are hard and unforgiving. But somehow, that translates into magic. It gives me a beautifully coated and separated “individual lash” look without the hassle of lashes. I love the look of Lauren Curtis’ lashes (link to YouTube or Pinterest) I guess you could say they are a bit spider-like, and while this mascara doesn’t quite do that, it’s close, and I’m happy.

YSL – Baby Doll

7 Holy Grail Mascaras

This was a splurge. Thankfully I got mine in the essentials kit from sephora which has made it easy to try many mascaras at one time. Plus, they are the mini travel size so I don’t feel awful about throwing them away after 1 year. Oh yeah, make sure to throw your mascara out every year. I know, it’s painful to throw money away, but so are stys? This one, full size will run you $21. Yeah, I know that’s a hell of a lot for a mascara, but, I wore this mascara for two weeks straight so, there’s that. It’s flirty and natural at the same time.

Mayebelline – Lash Sensational

7 Holy Grail Mascaras

Maybelline comes out with a new mascara every week, seems like. Don’t get me wrong, they are legit, but I’m not gonna go out and buy a new one each week. The hardest part about buying drugstore brands is you can’t touch and test them before you buy. How do I solve this? YouTube. I live for first impression videos. I once went down a YouTube rabbit hole that lasted 3 hours worth of first impression and demos of mascaras. Such is life.

Benefit – They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer

7 Holy Grail Mascaras

This is my jam. This is the best mascara for no makeup makeup looks. It’s a great primer that you can wear under a regular black mascara or alone for a subtle tint. The wand is firm with the short needle like spires make it easy to great right on the lash line. I get great separation and length from this mascara and it’s perfect for sunny beach days here in SoCal. When I want to have a hint of color but not be the chick that does full-out makeup (do you if that’s your thing, not for me though)

Essence – I Love Extreme volume mascara Waterproof

7 Holy Grail Mascaras

I tend to not like too many waterproof formulas as they are usually drier than normal.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, per se, but it can make getting multiple coats on your lashes tricky.

I think I only have two waterproof mascara in my ENTIRE collection. But I will gladly purchase this mascara every time I run out without fail.
So bear with my because I can’t remember if this was in one of my previous BoxyCharm boxes or Ipsy 😳. I apologize, but, the good news is that you can get this at Ulta! This formula is just dry enough to know that it’s going to do well in the heat but wet enough to be difficult to layer. Its got a hard bristle brush that separates and lengthens lashes.  It gives me blackest, longest, and prettiest lashes with minimal effort plus WATERPROOF! It makes me feel like I’m wearing falsies it’s so good.

Those are my top 7. Obviously I haven’t tried EVERY mascara that’s on the market, but the beauty of posts like these is, I can come back and update y’all if something amazes me in the future!

Let me know in the comments which mascara’s are your holy grail!


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