The 5 Podcasts You Need in your Life

The 5 Podcasts You Need in Your Life

There are some truly awe inspiring and amazing podcasts out there. I listen to podcasts when I’m at work, so I need them be entertaining and relevant to help make the day fly by. I listen to all these podcast via iTunes and all except Becoming Fearless and Almost 30 are on iHeartRadio too.


You Made it Weird – YMIW

5 Podcasts you Need No topic is off limits. And the funnies come rolling at you. Pete Holmes (Crashing on HBO) is the epitome of hilarious. I stumbled upon him randomly from a Pandora Comedy Station (you’re welcome).

He has the most random guests (Jim Adkins, Sinbad, and Jake Gyllenhal to name a few) all of whom open up and share their life. It’s an intimate and funny look into all the stuff that makes us weird.


5 Podcasts you Need

This is creepy af. I Only listen to this podcast during the day time, with the lights on ?.

If you wanna hear historically backed stories that make the hairs on your arm stand up in the middle of the day, Lore is it. It’s weird to learn history and be terrified at the same time…

Aaron Meinke has a great voice and cadence for this podcast. He’s also a writer so he knows how to narrorate with maximum efficiency to scare the shit out of you. It’s story telling at its finest and it’s creepy AF. But in a good way. I think ?

Almost 30

5 Podcasts you need

This is just a fun podcast. Real deal millennial conversations about real ish. With topics from sex, to adulting, to getting your money right, there’s a little bit of everything for all stages of life.

2 Dope Queens

5 Podcasts you Need

Phoebe Robinson- Author of “you can’t touch my hair” and Jessica Williams share their bestie chronicles and hilarious stories of life in New York as comediennes.

This is a live comedy show so there’s and audience and everything. Plus the guests?! Are you kidding me? Exceptional.

Becoming Fearless

5 Podcasts you need

If you need a daily dose of #girlboss inspiration, this podcast is for you! I may be partial of course, but nonetheless, an excellent listening experience.

This podcast was created by the founder of Style Collective (link) with the premise of empowering women as entrepreneurs (and in general) to live a passion filled authentic life.

Those are my top 5 podcasts! Happy listening! What are some of your faves?!


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