5 Calming Ways to Start Your Morning

 5 Calming Ways to start your Morning

Life is chaotic. Period. If you start your morning off chaotically ( I don’t know, say, by being scared to death by your obnoxious alarm!) it seeps into the rest of your day. Below are some simple and reasonable tips you can try to help you start your morning more calmly.

1. Pick an alarm sound that either increases in volume or is not jarring.

I don’t know about y’all but I am very… particular… about how I’m woken up. I’m still living in a dream world without kids (I hear they’re the only alarm you need) so indulge me for now. It’s nice to ease out of sleep. You don’t just automatically fall asleep, so why should you wake up that way? My alarm quietly seeps into my subconscious, like inception, and plants if there and then “kicks” me out of sleep. Did you appreciate the Inception reference? You’re welcome. For my iPhone users, the alarm sound I use is Sunny.

2. Take 5 minutes to yourself (or however long your snooze lasts)

Take this time to breathe. The key to this is not to get on your phone. Im so obsessed with my phone. I want to check on the blog, check my email, check Instagram, write a quick post, watch some Snap Stories and watch an episode on Netflix. And what better time to do all of that then when I first wake up? Five minutes isn’t a lot of time, so what ends up happening? The next thing I know, it’s 6a, the dog hasn’t been walked, I haven’t even considered what to eat for breakfast, makeup, hair, what to wear, you see where I’m going right?
Don’t go down that rabbit hole. PROMISE ME! Don’t. Do. It. Five minutes doesn’t seem like much, but it can be grounding. Let your thoughts flow through you, try not to focus on everything you have to do, and dinner, and groceries, etc. that will all still be there after your five minutes, I promise.

3. Drink water

Drink water before you drink anything else in the morning. I keep my big a** Costco sized canteen next to my bed. This is weird, but I’m telling you, I am waaaayyy less crabby when I am hydrated. I don’t drink caffeine (we’ll talk more about that later) but I do drink tea in the morning. Water is a such a necessity, and I find that people who drink hot/iced beverages throughout the day tend not to drink water. Yes, they are made with water, but nothing is more pure and beneficial than straight up water. For real.

4. Check the weather

Once I get out of bed, first thing I do is open my blinds. I do this for a couple of reasons, the first being, I need fresh air! The second reason, is I want assess what the day is going to be like, remember,  no phones allowed yet, so I have to attempt to figure out what the weather is doing. I  of course confirm with the meteorologists behind my weather app later (they don’t know either really, if I’m being honest).

5. Stretch

If yoga is your thing, do that. If not, some simple stretches help get the blood flowing and wakes you up. Some neck rolls, shoulder raises, and quick calf stretch should be all you need. It tells your body, sleep is done, time for action. As much as we focus on waking the mind, we’ve got to wake the body too.
So that’s it. Give it a try. At least one day a week, and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t make it happen everyday. Share your morning routine with me! What helps you start your day?

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