The 30 Day Water Challenge

*Note: I am not a licensed health care provider nor do I claim to be one. All the numerical data was found via google search. Always do you your own research and consult your licensed physician prior to starting, stopping, or removing anything from your current regimen or diet.

The 30 Day Water  Challenge

One day I looked up and had consumed 6 sodas in one day. SIX! Normally, I don’t really drink that much soda, but something had gone very wrong, I was living recklessly.

The more I drank, the more I craved it. I was drinking soda, juice, and tea all day, errday. Did you know the average amount of water a person consumes is 2.5 cups versus the recommended 8-10 cups per day?! That’s a pretty big gap and I was drinking less than even the average amount.

Up to 60% of the human body is made of water. So water is not only vital to our health but necessary to allow everything to function properly.

The idea behind this water challenge was to drink the recommended daily cups of water per day, remove all sugar beverages including tea and coffee (I don’t drink coffee anyway, but you get what I’m saying), and track how that it impacted my body.



Why did I do this?

Well, first off, why not? I knew I had had enough of sugary beverages and that I was OUT of control. I wanted to task myself with being accountable for my water intake. And more than anything, I was tired of feeling so crappy.

I decided that for one month straight (the month of March, which was 31 days), I would give up all beverages that were not water with the exception of freshly pressed juices and whole fruit smoothies (made at home for quality control). My goal was to consume 80 oz of water per day (about 10 cups). For reference, one gallon of water is 16 cups for those warriors out there drinking a gallon a day ?

What happened?

It was hard, because sugar is in everything, and it’s so good! I got so many mixed reactions when people would offer me alcohol or sugary drinks and I would decline and state my shpeal. (it did not help that I started this right around Lent).

I kept hearing, “water has no taste” “water does nothing for me” “water is boring” or, my favorite “coffee/tea are made with water so that’s fine right?”

Let me take second to speak directly to those of you who say that tea and coffee are made with water. While that may be true, the acidity levels and caffeine essentially negate the true benefits of actual water and while you are technically drinking “water” nothing is better for you than pure, clean water. Same can be said of those water flavor packs. Beware of sugar and sodium in those little packs, but I can’t fault you for trying to drink water…

I get it, it doesn’t give you the same feeling of fizz that soda does, it doesn’t meet those sugar cravings, but I am telling you, I crave water now.


Less feet cramps at night
Better sleep
Plump glowing skin
Awake and alert
Less oil production in skin
More regular- TMI


Frequent bathroom visits
Frequent bathroom visits
Difficult to start at first


In the first few days, I felt very full. The plan was to drink at least 35 oz by noon and the remaining 45oz before 7pm (ain’t nobody got time to be peeing all night!). It was hard the first week. Trying to eat having drank so much water initially was very uncomfortable. I found myself eating less, snacking less and not reaching for junk.

By day six, I was completely over soda. I didn’t crave it or want it. I did encounter some really aggressive heartburn around day 12 and felt like I needed a Sprite to help me out. Instead, I pounded some water, and poof, heartburn gone!

This is going to be TMI, but on day 20 I had horrible food poising (from both ends) and usually when I find myself lying face to face with the porcelain throne, it’s so painful and awful. Having been so hydrated it wasn’t as bad. I know, that’s a weird add, but it’s true, there was a noticeable difference, so there’s that.

I did not do this to lose any weight. That was not my intention, so when I tell you I lost…. ZERO lbs. don’t be discouraged. I kept my eating habits the same, so, I can’t expect miracles to happen if I’m eating like a garbage can!

Still though, I didn’t feel near as bloated. And now, sugary drinks have lost their appeal. I tried to drink a chai the other day and couldn’t. It was SO sweet. It’s not even a question now, I just want water!

Tips to stay hydrated

Keep water on hand

I have a bkr bottle that fits nicely in my purse + it’s hella cute so it makes it easy to remember to drink water. Make it less of a hassle for yourself (i.e.- having to track down/find and buy water). I fill my water bottle at night, leave it in the fridge, and grab in the morning when I grab my lunch. It’s cold and ready to go for the day!

Check in periodically

Do you have a headache? Do you feel tired? Before you reach for a snack, a coffee, or a pill, drink some water. My body was so used to being dehydrated that I always assumed it was just regular. Now, I always try water first before doing anything else. Remember to wait! Water isn’t going to be an instant cure-all, you’ve got to wait 10-15 minutes to see results (at least) AND you’ve got to take more than a sip. Water is the answer for everything! ?

Challenge yourself

Try to be better than you were yesterday. If you drank 3+ coffees yesterday (and do everyday) add at least one cup of straight water today! Listen, if you wanna jump in head first and do this challenge, I say go for it! If not, take it slow. You don’t necessarily have to remove anything to add water!

The Moral of the story

I feel more refreshed and my body aches less. That could be because I’m getting more sleep or it could be because of the water. I guess we’ll never know ?.

The body is an amazing thing and it will reward you if you give it what it needs! So, the next time you reach for that soda, coffee, juice or tea, make sure to drink some water after! Who’s with me?! ?? anyone….


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